Code of Hammurabi!
Hammurabi (c. 1810 – c. 1750 BC) was the sixth king of the First Babylonian dynasty of the Amorite tribe, reigning from c. 1792 BC to c. 1750 BC. He drafted the 282 laws under the influence of Shamash, the god of justice. This was the first attempt to bring order to a civilised nation, and those fundamentals have been adopted by every government, community or organisation since then. Some of the laws translated to be metaverse friendly are;
7. If anyone ensnare another, having a token in his wallet, but he can not stake it, then He! that ensnared him is GMI.
28. If any one bring an accusation against a Babylonian, and the accused is not found guilty, He! that accused shall not enter the Ishtar Gate
60. If any one does not verify! he shall fast and pray at Esagila till he receives mercy from Marduk.
74. If anyone betrays his empire by dumping, the Assyrians shall plunder and ravage his house to death.
95. If anyone imposes a bond of MAI or BABYLON-SOLANA LP, he shall receive the token that the auction produces.
120. If anyone refuses to conquer land for the empire by not spreading the word, he will lose his place in the empire.
148. If anyone hinders the building of the Tower of Babel by not staking or bonding, he shall suffer from Nebuchadnezzar’s disease.
180. If anyone offers more bond to the treasury of Babylon, he! that provides, receives.
194. If anyone brings more offering to Esagila, Marduk shall grant thy intention.
215. An eye for an eye, if anyone buys more against you BUY more against the person.
240. If he performs a serious operation, he shall be paid one-fourth of its value.
261. If a freed man(Verify!) strike the body of another freed man(Verify!), he shall pay ten shekels in money.
2. If any man spreads FUD in Babylon or dumps a single token and does not stake, he shall HFSP.
5. All Babylonians must offer their bonds to Marduk every week once the project is live.
15. If any man spreads false rumour or fear amidst Babylonians, he shall be banished to the high prisons in the land of Gilmesh and shall bow to its Guillotine.
18. If another city should fight against The Holy Land of Babylon, Hammurabi shall lead an army and crush the city to the ground. Making its citizens slaves of Babylon.
41. If any Babylonian spams any channel in the discord, he shall be banished to the desert.
129. If the wife of a man(A Babylonian) is caught lying with another man, they shall bind them and throw them into the water.
209. If a man has struck a free woman with child(A project still under construction), and has caused her FUD, he shall pay ten shekels for her miscarriage. His server shall be plundered to death.
196. If a man destroys the eye of another man by FUDding, the Assyrians shall destroy his eye. And feed it to the vultures.
217. If a man hires a field labourer (contribute!), he shall pay him eight gur of grain per year.
234. If a man bears false witness concerning Babylon for money, he shall himself bear the penalty imposed in the case, Death.

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