Tokenomics and Launch

Tokenomics and Launch

The Babylon token will have the ticker BBY. You should know that the only way Marduk will listen to your prayers is by having the token, therein showing loyalty to the empire. The easiest route to poverty is of course giving up this instrument of communication.
The $BBY token will have an initial circulating supply of 38,220 BBY and the tokens will be allocated in this manner:
  • Initial Prayers: 28,200 (73.8%)
  • Team: 7,000 (18.3%)
  • Advisors: 2,000 (5.2%)
  • Further Development of Babylon Projects and Grants: 1,020 (2.7%)
It’s important to note that the Babylonian team has never and will never ask for VC. The 1,020 tokens would be tokens used to build Babylon, and the best part is that every Babylonian is to vote for how it should be spent.

Feast of Marduk

A twelve day feast would be held in the name of Marduk. The event has been in preparation for some time and we’re delighted you can join in on this tradition. The First day of course be used to pray to Marduk and ask for blessings for the kingdom. From times past Marduk has only accepted prayers from the Uruks and for that reason only the Uruks would be allowed to pray to Marduk.
The Erib-biti of Babylon under the influence of the god Anu has anointed 282 Uruks. The ways of Marduk are strict and as such the offering to him is 500 USDC (nothing else will be accepted and you will be deemed unworthy by Anu to be an Uruk and your slot will be given to other Uruks).
The second day is when the Ishtar gates open. During this the Assyrians will be fully permitted into the heart of the kingdom. There they will be allowed to bring the result of their hunt. The USDC and SOL bonds would be open for Assyrians alone, who will bond till the Ishtar gate is filled with the spoils of war and the games of the hunt.
On the third day the gates of Babylon will be opened for entry to all Babylonians. At this point, Marduk will be fully open to prayers from all Babylonians and the glory of Babylon will be fully restored. This also marks the day when the Assyrians are asked to make all rule breakers slaves of Babylon. It appeared to Nabonidius in a dream that there'll be no single dump during this event!


The team initially thought about using MAI as a primary asset to back the BBY token, but during an in-depth market analysis, we discovered that there would be insufficient liquidity for MAI on Solana, so we decided to back BBY with USDC while keeping MAI as a subsidiary asset.
Only Uruks would be eligible to participate in the initial prayer, and only 28,200 BBY will be offered for communication. Assyrians would be allowed to bond the second day, allowing them to bond at a cheaper price than the public, and allowing the protocol to absorb initial liquidity.
Participants can only purchase their allotted share and the offering price will be $5 per BBY. The initial system will have staking, Instant bonding and bonding live while BabylonSwap will be launched once the treasury has accumulated significant RFV.

How to Bond

Bonding is the process of trading an LP share to the protocol for BBY. The protocol usually quotes an amount of BBY and a vesting period for the trade before such a trade happens.
It is important to know: when you create your bond, you are giving up your LP share. The protocol compensates you with more BBY than you’d get on the market, and thankfully your exposure becomes entirely to BBY and no longer to BBY-USDC LP.
To create a bond, you must first add liquidity to the BBY-USDC Raydium pool. You’ll then go to our website and select “Bond”. The protocol will quote a price for you. If you accept, you then send your LP share to the treasury and receive a claim on BBY.
Notes on bonding
Your bonded BBY is released to you after 10 bérus (about 5 days). If it’s been two days, 40% of your BBY would be minted. This is done to smooth out the market impact of the new supply.
The demand for bonds dictates the discount you get. The market is still relevant because the LP share you pay with gets more or less valuable, but it’s not what actually drives what you end up receiving. Instead, the bond discount goes up when there are more bonds, and goes down when there are less bonds.
Your committed LP/Stable is locked in once you bond. Once you make a trade, you have made the trade. Think of it as buying BBY and committing to stake for 5 days with a set reward rate.
There is a Bond Control Variable that would dynamically be adjusted based on market analysis from the DAO to prevent dilution. There is also a maximum order size of 0.1% (a single order cannot buy more than 0.1% of the circulating supply. This has been added to protect against excessive accumulation through slippage-free bonds).

How to Stake

Staking allows you to earn BBY passively via auto-compounding. By staking your BBY with BabylonDAO, you receive sBBY (staked BBY) in return at a 1:1 ratio. After that, your sBBY balance will increase automatically every 10 béru based on the current APY.
To stake, you’ll need to go to the BabylonDAO website and select the "Stake" tab.
Enter the amount of BBY that you would like to stake in the input field. Approve the transaction and voila, you’re a true Babylonian!

For true Babylonians: